DIH4CPS has built strong connection with different actors of its domain such as Smart Anything Everywhere, ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs, European Factories of the Future Research Association, Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation. In this post you can read about the collaborative events during the first year of the project.

Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative

In response to new challenges arising from the increased integration of digital components and smart functionality in products and services of everyday life, the European Commission launched the “Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE)” Initiative in March 2015. The SAE initiative has since naturally trended towards DIHs to foster Europe digitization, by bringing innovative SME, start-ups and mid-caps in contact with major digital technology providers, expertise and know-how partners, innovation management and financing advisers, networking opportunities.

SAE event recordings where DIH4CPS participated:

  • SAE Cluster collaboration meeting (presentations and recorded workshop available here)
  • HiPEAC Computing Systems Week 2020 (recording available here)
  • Webinar: Addressed Technologies by DigiFed (more info here)

ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs

ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) is a program promoted by the European Commission to expand the digital innovation of manufacturing SMEs in Europe. The collaboration of DIH4CPS with I4MS initiative goes through two different phases, the first will support the dissemination of the project, where DIH4CPS will be able to promote the project and the second Open Call in a community more focused on manufacturing. On the other hand, the success stories developed in the project will be made available on the I4MS website and it will be discussed how to create more synergies between the project and the initiative.

European Factories of the Future Research Association

The European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) is a non-for-profit, industry-driven association promoting the development of new and innovative production technologies.

From the start of the Factories of the Future, EFFRA deployed the “EFFRA Innovation Portal” in cooperation with the EC. The main goal of the portal is to provide an online resource for sharing information about research and innovation projects. DIH4CPS is one of these projects, being deployed in this portal, where it can share objectives, results, Open Calls and demonstrators.

Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation

DIH4CPS has been participating in the Working Group 2 of the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) initiated by the European Commission in 2015.

The working Group 2 IoT Innovation and Ecosystems has been recently rebranded, with a change of name and of logo, causing little delays in the advancement. However, DIH4CPS has been very involved in the meetings of the working group and has participated in the white paper “IoT eDIH Network activities”.