Data Cycle Hub

Linked regional initiatives

Activities of the Data Cycle Hub are aligned with almost all Valencia RIS3 areas, including Industry (working directly with the Industry 4.0 Lab with IVACE), Health, Tourism, Agrifood, Habitat and Cities, Transport, Energy (also working in Smart Grid Lab with IVACE), all them included in the RIS3CV priorities.

ITI has been working very closely with IVACE (Valencian Institute for Business Competitiveness) in the RIS3CV strategy since the beginning, carrying the ICT secretariat out and working with all the ICT ecosystem. At regional level, ITI has developed the Industry 4.0 Agenda of the Valencia region and is currently developing the Industry 4.0 Valencia Ecosystem Map. ITI is also working with the Valencian Agency for Innovation, creating a big alliance of Competence Centres in Enabling Technologies (TECH4CV) where the Data Cycle Hub is a key element to coordinate all of them.

At national level, ITI is linked to the “Industria Conectada 4.0” national strategy of the Spanish Industry DG, and has become a key player in the Activa Industria SMEs assessment program. In 2017 and 2109, ITI led the UNITI4.0 group that was homologated as an assesment and roadmap provider for Industry 4.0, assessing more than 20 manufacturing companies towards their digital transformation. In addition, ITI is member of Planetic and Enertic technology platforms, and is working on Spanish Big Data Initiative promoted by Ministry of Economy. ITI is also member of different Spanish technology platforms focused on Digitising Industry, like Manuket or Logistop (Board member)






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