Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability
in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs

Digital Innovation Hub in Healthcare and Biotech

Digital Innovation Hub in Healthcare and Biotech platform aims to assist digital innovations to faster meet the needs of patients as well as demands of health care practitioners for the digital technology supported medical care. brings together experts from innovative companies, healthcare system providers, healthcare economics and communication experts. The DIH provides high level expertise for better understanding of regulatory procedures on the one hand and to better fill the needs of physicians i.e. health care providers and health economics organisations such as insurance companies on the other. DIH is a platform developed by Technology park Ljubljana to assist companies with innovative healthcare solutions, for better understanding of healthcare economics, for easier navigation through complex regulatory and certification procedures for medical devices. It supports companies with technical compliance of digital solutions, quality management and provision of financing as well as provides other resources needed for accelerated application of innovative products and services in healthcare.

In general terms, CIDIHub has the ambition to provide Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Systems’ competences together with a Cloud Computing infrastructure and the associated expertise based on existing technology and standards that allow software vendors to offer their regional customers (being it SME or bigger companies) new cloud services along and across the engineering and manufacturing chain – even vendor independent. CIDIHub provides a ‘single point of access’ to computational (simulation) and data management services on high-performance clusters (HPCs). For that purpose, the CIDIHub relies on a main regional Competence Center (ITER) from the very beginning, addressing needs in the CAD/CAM, CAE, Systems or PLM communities, for whom technological services are executed on the existing infrastructure.




Fully operational