Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability
in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs

Welcome to 7 new Digital Innovation Hubs

We warmly welcome our 7 new Digital Innovation Hubs coming from 6 EU countries: Austria, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, and Spain. The new DIHs are active in the following sectors: manufacturing and services, energy, mobility, textile industry, agriculture, health, food industry, wood and forestry. With them onboard the knowledge base of the project has been extended with the following technologies: VR, IoT, AI, Big Data, Robotics, digitalization, ICT and Cloud. Let us introduce them! 


Fondazione SpeedHub is a digital innovation center that brings together manufacturing and service companies in Verona. Its main goal is to support businesses in technological and digital development by helping customers understand digital innovation through surveys and helping them find the financial resources they need to implement digital innovation. 


MINASMART aims to promote and accelerate the digital transformation and development of SMEs in the 6 most strategically important sectors, such as energy, mobility, textile, environment, agri-food and health. This DIH uses technologies such as Edge AI, HPC, Cybersecurity, and CPS to increase the digital awareness of businesses and ensure the transfer of acquired knowledge. 


NEÁPOLIS is a public innovation agency based in Barcelona, whose main objectives include strengthening education, entrepreneurship, and economic development, and linking them with ICT. This DIH offers a business incubator for entrepreneurs, within which they provide coworking services such as consultancy and support for integration into the labor market. 


AHEDD is the largest multidisciplinary research center in Greece, a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence. They will help scientists and businesses in Big Data Management, IoT, 5G and robotics, as well as provide advice and education. DIH has relationships with more than 100 industrial companies and 40 companies support its work. Check out their recent findings and publications! 


INNOVATE is a DIH operating in Austria that provides digitalization in the fields of AI and intelligent industry for agriculture, the food industry, wood and forestry and the energy industry. Together with several technology centers and universities, it helps SMEs achieve their digitization aspirations. They offer targeted innovation solutions based on the needs of SMEs. Read about the results of their recent projects. 


IoT DIH aims to connect people and objects, and this is aided by nothing but the IoT. This technology allows us to connect devices, gather information and store them in the cloud. In addition, WSN provides an infrastructure that helps facilitate communication, flexibility, and efficiency. Knowledge based on the team’s experience has already been included in the catalog of the European Commission’s Smart Specialization Platform. IoT DIH offers a variety of success stories and publications from this field. 


Ruđer Bošković Institute Digital Innovation Hub operates in Croatia, where it provides support to SMEs in the field of Dew Computing. It aims to support and reinforce the faster development of IoT that is the foundation of Industry 4.0. It also helps prepare for Industry 5.0 with AI and IoT-Dew-Fog-Cloud service systems. They support service R&D and innovation through a multidisciplinary team. Read more about their experience and network on the DIH’s profile.