BIBA – Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH

Linked regional initiatives BRETECE Bremen Test Center ( is a Bremen based consortium specializing in systems testing. From highly complex physical aerospace test-rig design and development, right through to Hardware in the Loop (HiL) and Virtual Testing products and services, BRETECE provides cutting edge flexible, scalable, modular, open solutions for the systems testing market. LogDynamics ( is the Bremen Research Cluster for Dynamics in Logistics (LogDynamics), established in 1995, offers interdisciplinary research in logistic areas and a focused, structured and international doctoral programme at the University of Bremen. Through research, knowledge transfer and PhD education in an international environment, the LogDynamics contributes to the profile development of an excellent and modern University of Bremen. The LogDynamics contributes also to new impulses and driving forces in the logistics sector in Bremen due to their emergences and synergies, which leads to strengthening the economy and dynamic regional development in Bremen. mit uns digital ( is the expert factory on autonomous control in production and logistics at BIBA is a demonstration and transfer center, showcasing the application possibilities and potentials of cyber-physical systems in production and logistics. It fosters the sensitisation and implementation of Industrie 4.0 concepts in enterprises. I4KMU – BMBF Industrie 4.0 KMU TestBed ( is a certified test, competence and transfer centre for CPS technology






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