EU Web Awards

We are finalists at the .eu Webawards!

We made it! We have been shortlisted as finalists for EURegistry’s .eu Webawards! It is already a great accomplishment to be among the top 3 in our category and would like to thank you all who supported us with votes! We are very happy to participate at the Awards Ceremony in beautiful Taormina at the

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Collaboration Actions

DIH4CPS has built strong connection with different actors of its domain such as Smart Anything Everywhere, ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs, European Factories of the Future Research Association, Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation. In this post you can read about the collaborative events during the first year of the project.

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Smart aquacultures

Introduction Due to their complexity, many processes cannot be automated or not completely automated by conventional technical solutions, because the operational control of these processes requires the know-how of experts (often gathered over years). This is also the case with the breeding of shrimps. Determining the number and size of shrimps is crucial for good

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Preventing Musculoskeletal Pain by Monitoring Worker’s Behaviour

Musculoskeletal pain has increasingly become a condition prevalent in the last 40 years, and the reason is mostly associated with sedentary behaviour and physical dormancy1. Unfortunately, that type of behaviour is being extended to work environments where people are seated or working in conditions that require long periods of standing time and little movement, characterizing

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Technical articles

CPS communication

It feels already quite natural that connection to the Internet is practically everywhere. That feeling was build thanks to telecommunications infrastructure built over the years, carried out by big telecoms. That perspective is very true from smartphone users point of view, although, from the perspective of dispersed and exponentially increasing number of devices with embedded

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