Linked regional initiatives

HPC4Poland DIH leader, PSNC, operates POZMAN (metropolitan) and PIONIER (national) broadband networks up to 100Gbs connected with all neighboring countries, Asia and the US, interconnecting ca. 1000 partners across Poland, in it all public R&Ds and HEIs with their labs. PSNC owns Data Centers with a 24/7 Operations Desk and 4 computational clusters totalling more than 1500+TFlops power, 200TB memory and 40000+ cores. Also, PSNC owns 16 advanced ICT labs, including SAE/ES labs and IoT lab among others. PSNC eInfrastructure which is available for DIH partners, is a part of European eInfrastructure projects: GEANT, PRACE, EUDAT, Indigo DataCloud, EGI, EOSC etc. The DIH is listed in the EC catalogue with fully operational status and includes business and research (CC) partners with complementary competences with whom partnership agreements have been signed. The DIH connects area-specific competences of client and supplier companies and research institutes in the region to provide advanced collaborative services on top of research infrastructures. The DIH plays a key role in defining the national strategy for Industry 4.0 by the Polish Ministry of Development and has participated in a number of DIH related projects, such as I4MS-Growth, L4MS, MIDIH, Smart Agri Hubs, AI DIH to name a few.






fully operational