Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability
in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs

Hub 4.0 of Manufacturing Sectors in Valencian Region​

Hub 4.0 of Manufacturing Sectors in Valencian Region

Linked regional initiatives

HUB4.0MANUVAL is the result of the feasibility study performed under I4MS initiative, and with the mentoring of HORSE project. This initial study provided a general view of Valencia ecosystem related with industry 4.0 in traditional sectors. A relevant result of the study was also the business plan created to start up the consolidation of the DIH.
The main goal of HUB4.0MANUVAL DIH is contribute to increase and improve the digitization level of manufacturing sectors of Valencian Region with expected results in competitive advantages such as a reduction in production time, increase in accuracy, less human errors, less employees’ costs, increased safety or higher efficiency in manufacturing customised products. Specific methods to deploy Robotics, AI, and CPS/IoT technology solutions will allow companies to reduce their reluctance to the introduction of new technologies and unpredictable times and costs for implementation and maintenance.

During 2018 HUB4.0MANUVAL has been collaborating with Industria Conectada strategy, and RIS3 Comunitat Valenciana (RIS3CV).
In both forums HUB4.0MANUVAL is taking part in technical committees, contributing to the definition of ESDIH model and defining strategic lines and actions for Lab i4.0 of RIS3CV.






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