Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability
in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs

Innomine Digital Innovation Hub​

Innomine Digital Innovation Hub

  • In 2017 innomine has been selected by EC as a digital innovation hub to receive specific mentoring and support.
  • In 2018 innomine completed the program with success and has a network of 30+ DIHs from Europe
  • Innomine acts as DIH in Cloudifacturing project (2017-2021) and in a structural fund program, is an I4MS supporter organization and in part of ADMA (European Advanced Manufacturing Center)

Linked regional initiatives

Links to ICT: innomine has a track record of 10 years to work with ICT and SME ecosystems in Hungary and in Central-eastern Europe. innomine worked with 50+ ICT companies on specific R&D and product development or international expansion related complex matters.

Innomine is a member of the Alliance ICT cluster (50+ memebers) and has a direct reach to regional and European ICT companies with several involvements. Innomines founder (Dr. Gábor Vicze) is member of the board of the ICT Association of Hungary with almost 500 members and was member of the executive board of DIGITALEUROPE.

Links to manufacturing SMEs: The innomine Digital Innovation Hub is specialized in digital transformation and smart manufacturing. In this aspect innomine is in working in partnership with 100+ manufacturing SMEs in Hungary, currently

on a structural funds related digital transformation program involving 50+ manufacturing SMEs.

Dr Gábor Vicze was one of the initiators of the Hungarian Industry40 platform and is currently leader of the innovation working group.

Links to multipliers: innomine has been worked for Microsoft for 8 years to dynamize ecosystem of ICT companies. This project included to analyze, select and advise approx. 300 projects/yearly in Hungary. innomine has been involved into the program with Microsoft also on EMEA level, worked in most Central-Eastern European countries.

innomine worked for Hungarian Chamber of Commerce on a major country-wide digital transformation projects (reaching to 5.000+ SMEs).

Links in Central-Eastern Europe: innomine has worked in 10+ European countries, especially in Central-Eastern European region. Currently acts as Digital Innovation Hub for the Cloudifacturing project. While working with Microsoft and DIGITALEUROPE innomine has established a strong network in Europe with ICT Associations and other multipliers. Innomine is the member of I4MS supporting organisations programme, and supporter of ADMA (European Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre) program.






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