Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability
in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs

Innovalia ZDM Digital Innovation Hub​

Innovalia Association is a private and independent technological centre that was created by Innovalia Group in order to articulate a critical mass capable of successfully achieving its long-term research ambitions and strategic objectives. Innovalia is an alliance for technology-based SMEs with headquarters in Spain. It has international presence with offices in Basque Country, Madrid, Catalonia, Canary Islands , Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Central and South America. Since its foundation, Innovalia Association has developed a special sensitivity for and awareness of the particular characteristics of technology-based SMEs.

Today, it has become a leader in the R&D area by and for SMEs in Spain. It also offers solutions for facilitating international innovation processes aimed at SMEs. As a technological agent of the Basque Country Technology Network (Innobasque), Innovalia brings together the skills, laboratories and resources of the companies that founded the association.






fully operational