Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability
in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology​

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

The Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST) is a mission-driven Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) active in the fields of materials, environment and IT.
By transferring technology to society as well as local companies, LIST contributes strongly to the building of tomorrow’s Luxembourg.

Linked regional initiatives

The activities of the hub are well aligned with Luxembourg’s national initiative for digitising industry, Digital4Industry – D4I. In particular, LIST will collaborate with the up-coming DIH Luxembourg that will be operated by LuxInnovation by developing and identifying a generic set of digital services to be tested at a pre-commercial level as templates to fuel the up-coming DIH. Indeed, under the guidance of the Ministry of Economy in Luxembourg, LuxInnovation ( is in charge to set up the Luxembourg DIH gathering all public and private stakeholders, shaping appropriate guidance and services to companies to acquire top-notch digital technologies and services across strategic economic sectors. In this frame LIST is positioned as a competence centre owing to assets (knowledge, competence, technology) developed and provided to Luxembourg’s and Europe’s companies, well aligned with national economic priorities.

In CPS4DIH, LIST is acting DIH on behalf of LuxInnovation and will support to identify the set of services that will fuel into the DIH Luxembourg. LIST has developed some digital assets for the sustainable mobility in Luxembourg and Europe, sometimes in collaboration with some European partners that are already committed in other European DIHs. In this regard, LIST will liaise with its European partners to initiate the very first step of connection across the Pan-European DIH network.






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