Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability
in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs

PRODUTECH Digital Innovation Hub National Platform​

PRODUTECH Digital Innovation Hub National Platform

Linked regional initiatives

PRODUTECH DIH National Platform is hosted by PRODUTECH – Production Technologies Cluster, the officially recognized cluster in Portugal for Production Technologies. At the core of the cluster is the transfer, dissemination and diffusion of R&D and innovation results and the fostering of its adoption by the industrial fabric. It is also emphasized that as production technology cluster, PRODUTECH is horizontal to the several industrial sectors. This furthers its focus on the cross-fertilization and intersectorial transfer of research results.

The cluster embeds in its members multipliers such as industrial associations (both national and regional as well as sectorial) and also industry oriented research centers (e.g. Ceramics and glass, Metalworking, Cork, Textile and apparel, Shoe making, Moulds and Plastics, Leather products, …)

PRODUTECH is also a member of the coordination committee of PORTUGAL Clusters, gathering the majority of the officially recognized clusters in Portugal. The inter-cluster partnership and initiatives furthers and extends the links and the impacts in term of diffusion and adoption of technologies by the industrial fabric.

The links of the PRODUTECH DIH National Platform also extends to the regional level, as PRODUTECH is also host and co-coordinator of iMan Norte Hub (, a regional digital innovation hub, in Norte Region of Portugal, and focused on cyber physical systems and robotics.

PRODUTECH also has links to the smart specialization works within several regions. E.g. PRODUTECH is the designated representative of the Norte region, under Vanguard initiative, notably in within the pilot actions “Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing” and “High Performance Production through 3D printing”, as well as it belongs to the regional/national stakeholders groups in policy making related projects, such as NMP-Reg project under INTERREG EUROPE programme. Another example is the participation of PRODUTECH in the innovation platform on “Industrial Sustainable Solutions” that contributes to the definition of the priorities under the Smart Specialization Strategy of the Center region in Portugal.

PRODUTECH also participates in the government sponsored Industria 4.0 Strategic Committee, in representation of the Partnership Portugal Clusters.






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