The Swiss Smart Factory (SSF) has been created in May 2017 as the first Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) for the technology transfer related to “Industry 4.0” in Switzerland. SSF acts as a regional multiplier and facilitator for digital innovations. It supports technology development and transfer from the first idea to the market introduction. Special focus is set on supporting SMEs and start-ups with the uptake and introduction of ICT innovation – both the technology and business perspective:

The provision of digital transformation services is carried out under a one-stop shop scheme. This approach facilitates the provision to SMEs of a comprehensive service that addresses not only their technological needs, but also complementary aspects such as financing, training, etc. In this sense, the enabling technologies of the digital transformation that have a greater importance in the catalogue of services provided from the DIHBU Industry 4.0, are: Artificial Intelligence, GPS location systems, Sensors, Robotics, Cloud computing, Cybersecurity, Additive Manufacturing, Big Data, the Internet of Things, and man-machine Technologies.




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