Fondazione Speedhub

Digitalization of companies especially the one operating in the logistics sector

Speedhub is a digital innovation hub founded by Confindustria Verona, the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in the territory of Verona, counting a total of more than 2.000 companies and more than 72.000 employees.
It supports companies in their technological and digital transformation by helping customers to experiment and test digital innovation. The main services offered are assessments to understand the digitalization of companies, scouting and matchmaking of technological partners for companies and research of financial opportunities to implement the enterprises digitalization.
Speedhub, since its foundation (2017), has had a constant growth not only in the type and variety of services offered to SMEs but also in the composition of the partner network and in the participation in European projects. Speedhub is now an I4MS Contact Point and participated in I4MS project Change2Twin. With the aim to make concrete actions focusing on the main pillars of a strong digital economy and key enabling technologies that can be strategic in terms of efficiency optimization and competitiveness, Speedhub participates also in a national network of Confindustria DIHs, the EDIH regional network (Neural) and in other two cross-border projects: EU-AFRICA DIGILOGIC and DIH-World. The first one is focused on facilitating and stimulating the potential of innovation through the first Pan EU-Africa network of DIHs focussing on smart logistic, while the second one aims to replace high-fidelity simulation (FEA) of machine tools with a resource-saving data-driven (AI-based) surrogate model. Moreover, as a technical partner of two Innovative Regional Networks, Rivelo (focusing on Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain Management) and Tech4Life (concerning Health and wellbeing sector) Speedhub assists SME, Midcap and Big companies with innovative solutions deployment. In addition, thanks to the collaboration with Cim & Form the Confindustria Verona training company, Speedhub provides training on technological innovation issues within projects financed by the European Social Fund.
Furthermore, Speedhub collaborates with Universities, especially the University of Verona and Padua, on many different aspects, such as education about new technologies, experimentation and testing of new digital tools and regional innovative projects.




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